Salon Owner Opens Harrison's Barber Salon

Eryn Harrison, owner of Calm, A Salon recently opened a barber salon in Oakland, California. Harrison's Barber Salon, The Gentlemen's Solution, will meet the needs of all generations of males . . . from a toddler's first haircut to seniors who enjoyed the golden era of barbershops.

"Men are more conscious of their personal grooming today, " says Harrison. "To put men in a female environment, with feminine energy, makeup and products, is not comfortable, nor is it a good experience for a man. By opening Harrison's, my goal is to make men feel good about themselves and be comfortable, while managing and maintaining their grooming."

Prior to opening Harrison's, Eryn studied what made the weekly, or for some, the daily trip to the barbershop popular. "Men came to an all-male environment to socialize and have been doing so since the early days of Greece and Egypt." The Golden Age of barbershops was from the 1890's through the 1940's with a major decline in the 1960's with Beatle-mania and longer hairstyles. Even with the return of short styles in the 90's, unisex salons had become the trend and the existence of barbershops further declined.

Harrison wanted to create something that had the services of a traditional hair salon giving clients the experience of classic barbering, quality hair care and grooming and by offering new services and a current, masculine environment for the modern. Hence, Barber Salon.

Eryn and her manager, M'Lis Chris, took the need for masculinity to be inclusive of ambiance, customer care and services. Harrison's salon is "all-man" yet welcomes a mother bringing in her young sons. "The salon is ideal for a father/son experience; the teen who doesn't want to go where his mom goes; the rising young professional; and executives who want to relax while maintaining their professional image."

Harrison's offers four plush, oversized barbering chairs that fully recline for optimal comfort and two man-size shampoo basins in her 900-sq. ft. shop that has an open concept where men can gather yet retain some privacy while being treated. Colors are deep browns and grays with stylish hardwood floors and natural stone treatments. Not to be missed is the traditional red, white and blue Barber pole that can be seen from any seat in the house.

All the services are done by a licensed barber and/or cosmetologists using clippers as well as shears for all cuts. Men interested in a shave are treated to the luxurious 21 step wet shave using a single-blade razor. If sporting a shaved head, clients enjoy a "buzz cut" to maintain a smooth head and then are treated with nurturing products to protect their exposed skin. While in the chair, clients benefit from the soothing effects of being wrapped with a hot towel treated with essence of menthol and eucalyptus finishing each service relaxed yet refreshed.

The reception area offers a 55" flat-screen TV, darts and shuffleboard as well as the comfort of an old-fashion leather sofa. Guests can try the whiskey of the month, enjoy a beer, espresso or ice cold root beer; snacks of jerky, pretzels and jelly beans; and read the latest sports, business or lifestyle magazines.

Baxter of California, one of the original men's grooming brands that includes a selection of skin/body products is used for services as well as Gentleman's Refinery, a locally owned natural skin care and shaving line. Both are available to purchase so clients can maintain their hair and personal grooming.

Harrison's hope is that the masculinity of the barber salon is inviting to males of all ages and honors the long tradition of barbering. Her future plans are to continue to "pamper" men by offering a suite of personal services to include mani/pedi, shoeshine and men's custom styling and tailoring.

For more information on Harrison's Barber Salon call 510.350.7662 or visit