The Matthew Preece Salon - A Sanctuary of Beauty

Leading fashion and celebrity hairstylist Matthew Preece, owner of Fred Segal Salon, recently opened his first flagship salon The Matthew Preece Salon in Santa Monica. The renowned hair guru is pulling out all the stops to deliver a holistic beauty experience that has become his signature style. The interior of the salon is being described as "rock and roll meets spirituality" - manifested as the embodiment of Matthew's personal aesthetic and philosophy, which permeates all aspects of his work.

 As a lifelong yogi and instructor at One World Academy in India where he regularly visits, Matthew's dedication to his art is reflected and even enhanced by his deeply held spirituality. "Real beauty emerges as much from what we can do for our clients as how they feel about themselves," Matthew explains. "Getting their hair done is just a part of why our clients come to us," he says. "Beyond the highest standards of beauty expertise, we provide them an oasis, a break from the hectic pace of their lives. Here they can disconnect, feel pampered and centered so they can rejuvenate and realize the full potential of their beauty."

Staffed by a brilliantly talented and artistic beauty team for the ultimate beauty collective, the salon brings to the fore the ideal culmination of Matthew's extensive career. Once a budding photographer, he started at the height of the "New Wave" era in Central London, having earned a cosmetology license to work at The Rizzo Group where he quickly became the hairstylist of choice for many popular musicians including members of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. 

Matthew consequently moved to LA where his services became widely in-demand and his work regularly featured in leading top high-fashion and beauty publications. He successfully launched two salons before he was invited to spearhead the re-launch of Fred Segal Salon. His creativity and management skills enabled the salon to flourish as a favorite of celebrities and the official beauty team behind the television staple America's Next Top Model.

Currently under the new ownership of Sandow Media, Matthew says that he still intends to be a part of the Fred Segal brand, now undergoing a transition. But for now he is focused on building the foundation for The Matthew Preece Salon which promises to be an expanding brand that will also soon include its own beauty and hair products currently in development.