Salon Services Team Raises $40,000 for Breast Cancer Research

On Sunday, May 22nd at Lake Wilderness Park, Salon Services joined forces with the Wings of Karen Foundation to raise funds in search for a cure. For Salon Services, the annual 5k Bra Dash is more than just a race, it's personal. Many of the Salon Services staff are survivors or have had family who have been directly affected by this disease. As one of the foundation's sponsors, the team also was recognized as the largest team and also highest fundraising team with over $40,000 raised collectively. Sydney Berry, Owner and President of Salon Services personally raised almost $24,000 and was recognized with the honor of highest personal fundraiser. Stacy Kurtz, Berry's daughter and Salon Services Director of Brand Development was honored as the second highest personal fundraiser bringing in just shy of $10,000. Many more were recognized as "Local Heroes" signifying that they had raised over $1,000 for the cause.

Sydney Berry and her family, have battled breast cancer for over 26 years and in 2015 she was diagnosed again, with the news that her cancer has metastasized. Berry continues to have a positive outlook on both life and business. Throughout every step of her journey with her health and personal endeavors, she is driven by her "why". Giving back is just one way that both Berry and Salon Services continues to fuel the mission.

"Witnessing the impact that Cancer has had on my mom, has given me the drive and a greater purpose to make a difference through supporting local research," said Stacy Kurtz.

Wings of Karen is a non-profit breast cancer foundation supporting research with a sense of urgency, benefiting women everywhere.​ The mission of this community based organization is to fund promising breast cancer research in the Pacific NW. Committed to finding a cure, while empowering and educating women with a positive, helping hand. In the spirit of Karen Denmark and many survivors, Wings of Karen is a resource that shows the strength, courage and beauty of those fighting back at cancer.​ Partners and participants in the 5k Bra Dash help fund the study of all aspects of breast cancer, including but not limited to, prevention, detection and treatment. Berry and Kurtz sit on the Leadership Board for Wings of Karen, as a mother and daughter team.

Witnessing Berry as a breast cancer survivor, the cause has empowered the company, influencing and encouraging others to support each other and work together for the cause.

"Giving back to the community and fighting for a greater cause is something that we as a team and company rally around. It doesn't seem like we ever make a move without clarity of a bigger purpose," Steph Hilfer, Director of Marketing, said.

Berry guiding the company, ensures the team that it is "business as usual", while she continues to fight her battle. She mentors and leads the company with her persistence.

"Her clear intentions and resilience is what fuels her and makes her a passionate leader," said Kurtz.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our generous supporters and donations. We wish to extend a huge thank you from Salon Services to each and every one of you. From our vendors, manufacturers, personal connections and local salons and spas, so many came together to allow us to exceed our fundraising goals. Breaking fundraising records, this year's event raised over $186,000 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting breast cancer research locally through the partnership of UW Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Please go to: to learn how you can show your support year round.