Why Haircolor Certification?

by Andre Nizetich

I remember too well as a young hairdresser how guarded my peers were when asked questions about what formulas they were using.

Not everyone is generous with information on their formulas. I decided just because some are regarded as a great haircolorist they don't know how to teach.

The information in the American Board of Certified Haircolorist study portfolio is all good unbiased information uncluttered by someone trying to sell a haircolor product.

One haircolorist once said to me I should use the shiny side of the foil when doing highlights because it would process faster and more evenly. For years I passed that same information on to many hairdressers, too many to remember. I finally ran that test myself only to find it was complete bunk.

Do you realize every single manufacturer of powder bleach preaches never to mix bleach in a metal bowl, yet when you ask them why they are not able to answer the question? We put hair and bleach between two pieces of foil when we highlight and no one has ever advised against it. This is just another example of the falsehoods that permeate our industry.

I have an apprentice program whereas students work in the salon for two years while learning our craft. It is a job; they learn how to do hair by working in a salon. We have graduated nearly 400 apprentices; they learn at their own speed and must attend class twice a month.

There have been apprentices that have become managers of salons while they are still apprentices. Admittedly not all apprentices are successful; many drop out well before they graduate. The good news is they learn hairdressing is not for them before signing on the dotted line indebting themselves with a student loan.

Just today I taught a class to the apprentices; the class was on foiling. It just so happens I teach the sandwich technique simply because it is the easiest to learn. One of our apprentices said to our administrator, "Do you know Andre is teaching foiling all wrong? The bleach needs air before it will work."

Just another example of why you need to attend the Energizing Summit held in Los Angeles in June for your haircolor education. All of our educators will give you good, solid haircolor information and that is information you can take to the bank.

Good information is scarce when you have to seek it out; you pay big dollars only to have someone trying to shove product down your throat, telling you it is the latest and greatest new product you can't live without.

Get ready to pack your bags and fly (or drive) out to the LAX Marriott hotel, June 12-13, 2016, for a life changing two days of quality education. After the Summit you will want to start studying for the ABCH certification program. Too many people have expressed to me that studying for and taking the certification has been life changing. Go to the Summit and take the exam. You will emerge a better haircolorist.

For more information and to view classes visit www.haircolorist.com.