PBFC Invites Industry Leaders to a 'Solution-Seeking Summit'

The Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC) is convening a special 'Solutions Summit' on April 11, 2016, inviting beauty industry leaders to address the most immediate, high impact issues currently threatening the well-being of beauty schools, their students, and the professional beauty industry, in general.

The PBFC will gather industry leaders to seek these solutions in concert with their annual industry showcase WOW event at the State Capitol.

PBFC President Ted Nelson explained the purpose and scope of the Summit: "Our morning Summit will focus on the recent precipitous closing by the U.S. Department of Education of targeted beauty schools. These shocking closures have profound implications for students and teachers, for the regulatory environment in which schools operate, and for the long-term health of our industry, at large."

Contact Fred Jones, PBFC Counsel and Advocate, for more details of this April 11 Summit by going to the PBFC website: www.beautyfederation.org. All attending this morning gathering are also invited to PBFC's 'Welcome To Our World' (WOW)' tent event on the State Capitol's West Steps later that afternoon (3 pm – 6 pm). The Professional Beauty Federation of California is a trade association singularly dedicated to raising the professionalism of the beauty industry.