Nations Elite Haircolor Event: 2016 Energizing Summit

Andre Nizetich President of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) announces the formation of the 2016 Energizing Summit, to be held on June 12-13, 2016 at the LAX Marriott Airport Hotel, Los Angeles, California.

2016 will prove to be a special year for the Summit. With a great number of repeat educators from prior years and a completely new selection of educators, this educational event is all about haircoloring.  "Advanced Consultation Experience" by the Metcalfe's of Denver, to Bridget Davis and Monica Byrne teaching "The Art of Balayage" are just a few of the exceptional classes being offered over the course of two days. For anyone who is considering taking the ABCH Certification examination there are many classes that will aid you in the process. 

What is most amazing and the reason ABCH is able to produce this event so reasonably is all of the educators volunteer their time to help others become better haircolorists. This is a labor of love for them. Their goal is to produce a more knowledgeable haircolorist. Some of the educators work for manufacturers but enjoy educating at the Summit because it relieves them of the structure and allows them to use their own creativity while educating. 

There are 51 educators in all, teaching 139 classes over the two days. It is a different type of educational event where you select your classes prior to your arrival. The classes are small which makes for a more intimate interaction and the opportunity to ask questions. Most classes are one and a half hours long with the exception of the hands-on classes that are three hours long.

A few of the hands-on classes being offered are Franco Marino of New York teaching the "Marriage of Color and Cut" and a Summit favorite, Doug Martiucci also of New York teaching "Dimensional Mastery". 

"Anyone who cares about haircolor has to be at this event, it is without a doubt the nations premiere haircolor educational event.," remarks Martiucci. "You can attend haircolor events that have more people but if you really want to learn, the Energizing Summit is the event to attend."

The price of two days of beneficial education is $350.00  Sign up early to be certain to get the classes you want.  Classes fill up early so it's best not to wait.  Go to to sign up for classes starting February 1.  There is a brochure online as well as the outlines of the classes being taught.