Build Client Trust and Credibility with Private Label

by Jay Williams

Have you ever met someone who has written a book? What is your immediate impression? My impression usually is they must be smart and have something unique to say. There is a level of credibility and trust  that exist for me with that individual.

Now, taking that same idea, have you ever met someone who started their own private label haircare brand? The same is true for the stylist/owner who has a private label haircare product line with their name on the bottle. For the stylist/owner who has private label their credibility and trust goes to the next level with their clients. The client must think this stylist/owner must be an expert. They  have a secret or are a creative guru. The client believes they are getting original and unique formulations, technology and expertise. It  becomes a point of difference.

The stylist/owner and their products now differentiate themselves from the thousands (757,700 stylist by 2018) of other stylists, salons and products. Having your own brand elevates the stylist/owner level of trust and credibility in the eyes of the client, other stylists and the beauty industry. 

In building your brand you want it accomplish three things: Signature (unique to you); Spectacular (client says wow!); Sustainable (not the same experience over and over, but that the clients feels the same way over and over). 

When you have your own private label lines it allows you to “check” all three boxes above. 

Signature: No more competing with mass distribution, diversion or discounts. Your clients will no longer say  “I’ll buy it on line”, “I have a coupon from Ulta”,  or“I saw that in Hair Cuttery”. You have an exclusive line that is unique to your brand. Yet another point of difference between you and the 100 salons within a five mile radius.

Spectacular: The spectacular results and look you create with your product, the client can create at home in between their appointment and until they are back in your chair.

Sustainable: The product serves as a souvenir of their experience while in your salon and chair. They have a daily reminder in their shower of your salon, your gift as a stylist  for making them look and feel great, their trust in you to project who they are to the world.

Your brand is not what you say about you (that’s advertising). Your brand is what the client says about you.

Jay Williams is principal of Genesis Private Label, a private label hair care products manufacturer. For more information visit or call 267.733.5475.