Melting and Buttering Hair, What?

Learn these techniques and more at an Evolve three-day Certification Class

By Johnny Plant, Artistic Director-Evolve

One thing I realized when I was appointed Artistic Director of Evolve was that women who suffered from hair loss and thinning hair still want what every woman wants — for their hair to look beautiful. All women who wear hair enhancement systems worry that they aren't noticeable. I wanted to come up with a cutting system that would guarantee that outcome and could also be used with extensions.

As I was developing this new cutting system, a young lady came into my salon in tears. She had been to a different salon for a haircut and she had extensions in her hair. The stylist that had cut them didn't know if you cut extensions vertically you will get horizontal lines in them.

I know many stylists would immediately go to their razor but I decided to go a different route. I used my texturizing shears on dry hair so I could watch the progress developing as I worked. Working with clients cutting natural hair, I had designed new cutting techniques which I call "melting" and "buttering." I decided to utilize these cutting techniques on her hair/extensions and all of her horizontal lines went away creating a seamless look between her hair and extensions.

I have taken the techniques of melting and buttering and incorporated them into a new haircutting system Evolve calls the E5 Cutting System. With the E5 Cutting System I teach how to achieve the five basic forms (or silhouettes) that support all major hair styles. Our new system will allow you to cut shape into hair integration systems, extensions and natural hair without getting horizontal lines.

Evolve will be presenting a certification class in Dallas on October 11-13 and San Antonio November 8-10. Evolve certification classes are a three-day immersion into Volumizer installation techniques, hair enhancement, hair integration, advanced hair cutting and how you can expand your business with Evolve. For more information call 866-779-2880 or visit