Salon Services Changes Industry History with Show of the Decade

When you have emotion, no one ever forgets. Emotion and passion is exactly what Salon Services experienced during their two-day hair and fashion show, Trifecta. After overcoming a last-minute and unforeseen change in schedule, a collaboration of industry icons united together to protect the "Protectors of the Professional Beauty Industry", creating history that will forever shape our industry.

Over 800 attendees and 200+ vendors, artists, models and Salon Services staff came together to witness a two-day hair and fashion show on May 31st and June 1st hosted at Fremont Studios, in Seattle. Owners Sydney Berry and George Learned opened the show and set the tone for what will become the show of the decade for the beauty industry.

Trifecta, a biennial event, serves as a platform to inspire, engage and create the opportunity to elevate Salon Services clients and industry professionals by bringing together industry leaders, icons, artists and manufacturers with our students, stylists and salon owners. Including interviews with CEO/COO's of each manufacturer speaking to their concerns and successes within the industry and six vendor performances consisting of cutting, coloring and/or styling, concluded by a showcase of their work down the runway into the awe filled crowd.

Just prior to the start of Sunday's show, Salon Services learned of the cancellation of their finale artist. The disconcerted feelings felt by owners Berry and Learned, went unseen as they took the stage to greet their guests. What followed was an amazing and incredible collaboration of support from the artists representing Kevin.Murphy, Brazilian Blowout, Moroccanoil, Keune and ColorProof.

An impromptu meeting was held to determine how to close the show. Putting brands and egos aside the artists came together to answer two questions; how do we protect the protectors of the beauty industry and how do we deliver to an audience and not leave them unfulfilled?

Having not worked together before, the risks that they were facing as artists were great. With no time for rehearsal, they created magic. Everybody from CEO's to artists to assistants had one goal in mind, protect Sydney and George and give the audience the show of a life time. It was clear in their hearts they were all on the same page to help out and support Sydney and George, who they all believe are their greatest partners.

For the first time ever in the professional beauty industry, artists and directors of such prestigious brands united together, working collectively across lines and on the same models, to deliver a never-before seen show finale that will go down in history. The amazing artists temporarily shelved their allegiances and came together as a team and pulled off something that has never been done before.

"It was an amazing thing that happened. I've been around this industry for 30 years now and I have never sat in a room where I felt such motivation, collaboration and compassion from a group of people who barely knew each other. That was because of Sydney and George and the continual collaboration that they put forward. No one in that room was going to let Sydney, George or that audience down," remarked Sue Remes, Consultant to Kevin.Murphy

The culture that Salon Services exudes and shared through this turn of events created a profound opportunity to reunite an industry that has become fragmented. Salon Services reminded us all that we are not just an individual who is striving to build our livelihood. We are a collective group of intelligent, creative individuals who must envision a new future for our industry, just as these artists did that day.

Salon Services builds relationships that create success, by shaping and leading the beauty industry through encouraging personal mastery. Salon Services works to build long-lasting relationships with customers and every member of the team. Valuing integrity, positive energy, teamwork, dedication, communication, responsiveness and action, the team at Salon Services is committed to leading the industry with knowledge and serving with a purpose.

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