Philly Barber, Mike Walker, Tames Beards and 'Staches

Award-winning barber, Michael Walker, also known as Mike Sharrpp, has teamed up with Gibs Grooming, a collection of products for healthy beards and mustaches, as the newest member of their badass education team. A Philadelphia resident, Walker is the "main" man for all barbering needs at Main Attraction Unisex Salon in West Philly. Winner of the Fastest Fade competition at the 2012 Xotics Hair Battle Tour in Philadelphia, it is no wonder Walker and Gibs Grooming are a match-made-in-heaven. Walker has been a long-time fan of Gibs Grooming products and appreciates their versatility. Walker's client roster ranges from all ages and he works with many musicians and celebrities, including four-time Grammy nominated, multi-platinum-selling, singer/songwriter Keyshia Cole, as well as exclusively offering his services to the Shippensburg University Men's Basketball team. 

 After 10 years of watching his father cut his and his siblings hair, in 1998, Walker became a licensed barber in Crescent, PA. At age 16, Walker left home and found himself in the "wrong crowd," which led to a short-lived "fast life" of drugs and juvenile prison. It was in the prison barbershop where he found himself formally trained, and his venture in the barbering industry began.

Just as it did then, his creative flair and passion for cutting and styling hair, beards and mustaches is what fuels him to further develop his skills and continue his education within the barber and hair industry, and has led to the cultivation of a unique following of both children and adults.

"Having the opportunity to change people's lives with something as simple as a hair cut and a conversation is what inspires me," said Walker. "I feel indebted to youth, I feel responsible to give back to the community because I was part of the drug use and abuse epidemic as a teen. I can now influence people in a good way by telling them about my personal story."

Focusing on healthy hair and manly men, Gibs Grooming solves the unknown about facial hair, as the brand's beard oils tame, smooth and hydrate. For information about Gibs Grooming visit or email .