The Power of the Multicultural Customer

Real World Hair Seminars Coming to Ohio, Florida, Texas

by Elline Surianello

Your business is changing more now than ever before. Multicultural women are the fastest growing segment of the population in the United States and Canada, representing over 35 percent. She is Latin, African American, Asian, European, and everything in between. She is smart, professional, family oriented, and a loyal customer. She spends over 500 million dollars a year just on her hair. Are you prospering from this clientele?

The multicultural population cannot be ignored by the salon industry. As professionals, we must recognize the wants and needs of all of our customers. Education and training are an essential part of understanding texture and what it means to your services, including cutting, coloring, extensions, retail, makeup... the list goes on. The impact of not having the right education or experience will affect our bottom line.

We are all being affected by the power of the female multicultural consumer. You cannot ignore her dollars anymore. That is why LeMetric Real World Hair and Beauty is going on the road and bringing education to the beauty professional. Coming to select cities in Ohio, Florida and Texas, our series of seminars and classes will work with you on understanding and working with the multicultural customer.

Call for seminar dates in your area 1-800-217-9052 or by visiting, emailing, or viewing our video at

LeMetric Real World Hair and Beauty has been working with the multicultural client since 1989. Our specialty, additional hair, was originally designed for textured clients as CEO and Founder Elline Surianello had curly hair and wanted hair to match hers. Contact her at