Mobile Payment Technology Helps Salon Owners

By Michelle Peacock, senior director, PayPal

Many salon operators today are exploring a wide range of new technologies capable of significantly enhancing the operation and finances of their businesses. Preparing to face a growing trend among consumers – that is, their interest in using their mobile phones to pay – many of these savvy operators are placing a great deal of their focus on mobile payments.

In fact, Forrester Research expects U.S. consumers to adopt mobile payments at an accelerated rate, reaching $90 billion by 2017. PayPal alone processed $27 billion in transactions in which either the buyer or seller used a mobile device to pay or accept payment in 2013, double the rate from the previous year.

However, salon operators shouldn't just limit their technology exploration to merely mobile. It is becoming clear that small businesses of all kinds can no longer get by without accepting credit cards. Moving from cash-only to being able to accept credit cards helps stylists and salons create convenience for their customers as well as provide opportunities to sell additional retail products.

Salon owners and stylists like San Mateo-based Travis Sweeney, an independent barber with Shane's Barbershop and Shave Parlor, found that only accepting cash payments was limiting and sought a simple and inexpensive credit card solution to help him grow his business. Sweeney considers barbering an art and a haircut an opportunity to transform a customer's appearance. For him, PayPal Here offered the perfect solution. Most importantly, customers love it, too. His clients enjoy the chair side service and convenience. They are tipping more and able to buy more retail products from the shop.

PayPal Here is a mobile payment solution that helps salon owners accept all forms of payments easily wherever they are – on the go or in the salon. The solution includes a free app, available on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and a credit card swiper that allows the operator to take a credit card payment safely and securely.

With incredible advances in technology, today's speed of business is moving at an unprecedented pace. Consumer demand for mobile payments should have a major influence on whether salons choose mobile payments technology. The key consideration to keep in mind when choosing a mobile payments partner is to ensure it is the best one to help you meet your business goals — and the right partner will streamline your business and increase your revenues.