Trichology Seminar Offered for Stylists

Alopecia (AL-OH-PEE-SHA) Areata (AIR-EE-AH-TAH) is the most common autoimmune disease that may result in total or partial loss of scalp and body hair. It affects Woman, Men, & Children.

Do you have clients suffering from hair loss? Learn why clients are losing their hair and what you can do to help regrow it. On November 23 and 24 in Kettering, Ohio, TrichologistShawon Gullette will host Introduction to Trichology, a 2 day educational event for beauty professionals Classes are state board-approved for CEU hours.

You will learn about body systems in relation to hairloss, procedures for consultations, hair/scalp disease and disorders, anatomy and physiology of hair and scalp.

The Dayton Trichology Centre is the only treatment facility in the state of Ohio with a certified Trichologist, Shawon Gullette. She is also a certified health practitioner with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and hair restoration. "I opened the Trichology Centre because I want to help people who feel like they have no other alternatives for the hair loss they are experiencing."

"The Trichology Centre provides men, women and children with cutting edge hair loss treatment plans including laser hair therapy and laser hair regrowth therapy. Dayton Trichology will not only treat the symptoms of hair loss, but also uses a multi- therapeutic approach, focused on addressing what's going on inside the body to cause hair loss."

The two days of hands-on education and theory is available for only $899. Call 937.281.0555 for information and to register