Icons of Color

Six outstanding colorists honored at Intercoiffure's Fall Atelier

Beth Minardi. Gina Khan. Kris Sorbie. Sonya Dove. Roy Peters. Sue Pemberton: Six of the best colorists in the world were awarded the prestigious "Icons of Color" Award on October 20, 2014 at Intercoiffure's Fall Atelier in New York City. The "Icons of Color" Award recognizes colorists whose work has pushed the envelope and established new standards for the industry.

Lois Christie, President of Intercoiffure America/Canada (ICA), presented the awards to Minardi, Khan, Dove, Peters and Pemberton in person. Suzanne Sturm, Redken & Pureology, accepted the award on behalf of Kris Sorbie, who was unable to attend in person.

 "I have a special appreciation for the role colorists play in a successful salon," notes Lois Christie, herself a noted colorist and founder of ICA's Hair Color Council. "Colorists must balance creativity and fashion sense with chemistry. Good colorists provide real value for their clients. Great colorists such as these create trends in fashion."

Christie founded the Intercoiffure Haircolor Council in 2007: "I saw a need for a forum uniting colorists throughout the industry—a forum that will help to identify and train the next generation of talented color artists." The Council and its members present educational and creative programs at Intercoiffure events, including the Fall Atelier. Sonya Dove serves as the Council's Creative Director. Belinda Gambuzza serves as its Educational Director.

Intercoiffure America/Canada  is an association of the beauty industry's elite—more than 200 salon owners employing more than 27,500 employees. The average annual sales volume for an Intercoiffure member ranges from $1.5 million to $85 million. In addition to their economic clout, Intercoiffure members set the creative and quality standards for the industry.