ABCH Mentoring Workshop

Excitement is mounting in preparation of the ABCH Mentoring Workshop to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on February 15-16, 2015. Sponsored by The Wella Corporation, this American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) workshop is a two-day intensive hands-on course and provides personal training by members of the ABCH evaluation team.

Hands on classes are the best way to learn haircolor. In two days you can gather more haircolor information than spending two years in beauty school. This hands on class is not manufacturer driven. While Wella is sponsoring the seminars, no specific brand of haircolor will be represented at the seminar. The education will be generic, the best way to learn haircolor.

The seminars will be led by Andre Nizetich and his team of American Board of Certified Haircolorists. (ABCH) The seminars are for all levels of haircolor. The mentoring seminars will also include personal demonstration and instruction on all aspects of the ABCH certification examination, from the simple mixing of bleach to the more complex high-low lighting. Although hair color application is taught in school, bad habits and incorrect real world information can corrupt that education once in the salon. The ABCH certification promotes credibility and mastery of haircolor processes. As in all professions, the consumer will seek out those certified for their expert knowledge and service excellence.

The price for the February two-day Mentoring Workshop is $395. To Register go to For information call 310-547-0814.