Sweis Launches Verb to Southern California

Sweis Inc. Professional Salon and Spa Products has discovered Verb Hair Care, a new professional product line that speaks to the needs of salon owners. The 12-piece line includes a Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, plus styling products, which come from a philosophy of natural beauty, easy living and no nonsense.

It's a line created by stylists which targets the 94% of people walking out of the salon and going to buy products at the drug store. With their $14 retail price point, Verb acts as an entry point for this often younger, style-conscious demographic who want access to quality professional salon products. The line encourages mass-market shoppers to trade up and experience the difference in using Verb's innovative formulas, which are color-safe and cruelty free without sulfates, paraben or glutens.

According to Michael Portman, co-founder of Verb Products, "Verb's name has to do with taking action. We wanted to grow the hair product market, and we did something about it. Verb was made for take-action people like us, all of them living fast, on-the-go lives."

"Sweis' goal is to offer a wide range of options for salon professionals to meet the needs, desires, and aspirations of their clients. Verb is offering a product line that is high-quality yet affordable and targets salon clients who leave the salon without purchasing a product," says Karl Sweis. "Verb is a fantastic product line that could convert this untapped demographic to bring a tremendous amount of new revenue into salons."

Sweis Inc. Professional Salon & Spa Products is an independent professional product distributor based in Southern California, servicing salon professionals throughout southern California and parts of Nevada with quality in every capacity from products, to customer service, to shopping convenience and education. For more information visit www.sweisinc.com or call 877.633.1717.