Creative Chemistry: Modern Muse Collection

Style may change with the season, but the magic of glamour lies in its timelessness. For their latest project, Creative Chemistry blended classic Hollywood glamour with modern organic style. Inspired by the waves and curls of the 30's and 40's, which were coifed and impeccably finished, the artistic team added texture and a touch of unruliness to the silhouettes for an updated feel.

Creative Chemistry, an artistic cooperative, is a collaboration between salon owners Mandy McCullough (Fix Salon; Seattle, WA), Jody Erickson (The Boulevard Salon; Renton, WA), and Kyla Huckabay (Pure Salon; Federal Way, WA). Their focus is to showcase hair talent in the Pacific Northwest through illustrative photo shoots and video.

Expanding to new media formats, photographer Inti St. Clair created a companion video. This video gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Creative Chemistry's process, from conceptualizing the looks to capturing the final shoot. The audience not only gets to see the end result, they get to experience the journey it took to get there. Video footage can be found on vimeo:

In addition to being salon owners and stylists, Mandy and Jody are National Educators for Redken 5th Ave, and Kyla is a National Educator for Purelogy. They travel across the country to identify and translate current hair trends into inspiration for their work.