The Cachet Hair Salon Celebrates 25 Years

Linda Castle and Emily Wilson are proud to announce the 25th anniversary of The Cachet Hair Salon.

Incorporated in 1989, the salon was founded in the Olentangy Valley Center at the base of Worthington Hills. Back in 1989, most salon owners were men, and women were discouraged to own and operate their own business. Throughout the economic variables, the business thrived for 24 years before relocating to the Kenny Centre Mall in the Upper Arlington area in August, 2013.

The 25 years of experience created the strong business they lead today. Castle and Wilson attribute their on-going success to family support, excellent staff, hard work, perseverance, and client accommodation.

While growing their business for the last 25 years, Castle and Wilson also raised five children along with their respective husbands, Tim Castle and Chuck Wilson. Family support and encouragement are essential to any small business, and their extended families have been extremely helpful in both tangible and intangible ways. From referring friends, to planting flower pots, their families are always ready and willing to help.

Ongoing selection and training of the excellent staff has ensured the quality that is demanded for The Cachet's clients by Castle and Wilson. Building The Cachet's team helps Provide the Best Customer Service Possible which is their guiding mission in this process.

The Cachet Apprentice Program requires one year of advanced education that includes two classes per week, taught by the Directors of the company and guest artists. The Apprentice helps the salon to run smoothly every day and practices topics such as professionalism, hair cutting, styling, eyebrow waxing, hair coloring, perming, product knowledge, and communication skills.

When the new talent is fully capable, they are promoted to the Designer position and are ready to service The Cachet clientele. As Designers build the clientele, they attend classes and hair shows to keep updated on all the newest trends. The opportunity to be promoted to the Director position is granted after years of experience, education and skilled client care.

Mainly, hard work and diligence are essential to The Cachet s success. Linda Castle and Emily Wilson never stop improving their business. For example, to attract new clients they re-branded the salon when it opened at the Kenny Centre Mall location last year. On-going attention to daily details creates the lovely atmosphere that clients enjoy returning to. Dedicated learning and applying new ideas at The Cachet is a continual process.

In addition to owning and operating The Cachet, Castle and Wilson are also hair designers with ardently loyal clientele. This involvement with the customers ensures that they are tuned-in to each client's wants and needs. "Focusing on People Before Things" is their guiding principle that has helped draw in over 600 new clients to The Cachet Hair Salon in the first year at their new location! As many businesses lose sight of actually serving the customer's wants and needs, Linda Castle and Emily Wilson repeatedly hit the bull's-eye.

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