Reader Appreciates Keeping Up with the Beauty Biz

To the Editor:

Thank you for the offer to subscribe to your newspaper Northwest Stylist. I have and do renew my beautician license here in Washington State. It is so I can continue to buy my own shampoo and haircolor and perm as I still do my hair and color my daughter's hair.

I am 75 and do not plan to work in a shop any time soon. I love to keep up but as you know styles change and the last refresher course I did was in 1985 at Lacey Beauty College and it has changed hands more times. I thank you for the offer to keep up with all the new styles, I still have some of my Modern Salon magazines and a few from way back.

As I tell the young girls if they have an idea of how they want their hair cut just take a few pictures from a magazine with you to give the beautician a good idea of how you want it to look. This is one thing I was so glad I took the course way back in 1957 to 1958 at Govan's Beautician College in Kennewick, Washington, my home town. I took my State board exam in Seattle, Washington and my mother was my model for part of the test. We went by train and stayed in a hotel there.

When I got my license in October of 1958, I worked for a salon in Pasco, Washington then I met my husband and we were married in May of 1959 and he was in the Army so we traveled all over the world. It seems like so long ago.

We have lived here in Olympia, Washington for 37 years and have been married for 55 years. I'm retired now and have helped raise my three granddaughters and have one grandson.

Thank you so much for the offer; now it's my turn to sit back and see what new hairstyles are there for my granddaughters. They all have their own favorite hair stylists. God bless all of you that still make us look so nice.

via email: jeanieap

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