Wella Professionals Shine Light on Hair Color

Wella Professionals conducted a survey* of 400 hairstylists across the country and uncovered a number of compelling statistics about stylists' desires and opinions as it relates to hair color products and trends.


• Great hair is forever, but color preferences come and go. Hairstylists predict the top color trend in 2014 will be golden/honey blondes (25%), followed by copper reds (21%), and warm hazelnut chocolate (19%).

• Spring Forward to Blonde. In warmer weather clients like to brighten up. The most popular hair shade for the spring and summer months is blonde (38%).

• Timing is everything. Clients are most likely to request a drastic color change when the seasons change (44%), followed by after a breakup (25%).

• Hair Inspiration Gets Social. Hairstylists are used to clients bringing in magazine photos of their dream hair – now it is social media's turn to inspire. 80% of clients frequently use Instagram for hair color inspiration.


• No one wants hair that looks dull and dry – even if they love their color. The top concern clients have about coloring their hair is that it will damage their hair (40%), followed by it looking unnatural (20%). Just 13% are concerned about cost.

• Hairstylists aim to please, but clients still have gripes. The biggest complaint among clients who have colored their hair is that the color fades too quickly (48%), followed by their hair becoming dry and damaged (30%), and the color looking unnatural (14%).

• A streak of green in your hair makes a statement but most clients want something more subdued. Natural tones (45%) best describe the most desired result clients who color their hair want.

• Hairstylists believe the primary reason clients color their hair is to change their look (42%), followed by wanting to stay current with trends (25%), and to cover up grey hair (19%).

• Whether clients believe blondes have more fun or not, they know their hair color says a lot about them. It's a lesson learned early. The average age clients start coloring their hair is 23.


• A passion for hairdressing means going to great lengths for your client when it comes to color. A majority (83%) of hairstylists would be willing to convert to a different hair color brand than the one they currently use.

• Hairstylists are "dyeing" for something new. 97% wish more hair color innovations were available, including color that deeply conditions hair (51%).

• Hairstylists want a color line that satisfies their client's desire for great hair. Health and shine (42%) are the factors they consider most important in a hair color line.

• Hairstylists believe their clients would be willing to pay, on average, $50 more for a premium color service if the results were noticeably improved over their current service.