The Makeup Institute Aims to Empower Cosmetology Schools

The Makeup Institute recently launched the Partners in Education (PIE) Program featuring a number of specialized advanced training workshops that are designed to partner with cosmetology schools to enhance their already existing cosmetology school programs.

Explaining the mission objective behind the PIE Program, The Makeup Institute spokesperson described it as "a win-win situation for everyone involved – the schools and the students benefit by receiving a percentage of all class proceeds to improve their facilities with new school equipment, additional supplies, or to use the profits to aid in helping improve the educational experience." A great way for cosmetology schools to add benefits to their students, but also to reach out to their Alumni and surrounding Salon Professionals.

The PIE Program can also be used, if preferred, as a fundraiser for a well deserving charity of choice. The cosmetology school can use the Partners In Education (PIE) Program to give back – what goes out to those that are in need of help comes back as a great feeling for the students and staff to help, while receiving education in exchange that will greatly improve their careers. This is also a tax write-off for the school, which is a great benefit for their donation.

The Makeup Institute will work with any charity the school selects if they wish to go that route. We currently have our favorites to support: The Feeding America Program, Jenesse Centre for Battered Women, and The Single Mom Program.

The courses offered under the PIE Program are divided into two main categories: The One Day Workshop and Half Day Look & Listen Classes. The One Day Workshop includes seven advanced courses to select from, flexible to host one or all seven topics for their student body. Topics include Bridal Makeup and Airbrush Makeup to name a few. These workshops include lecture, demo delivered by qualified and experienced Professional Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist, coupled with hands-on training. Half Day Look & Listen Classes include lecture and demo with topics ranging from Anti-Aging Makeup to Multicultural Makeup. Schools can also customize their own specific workshop to suit their student's needs and requests. All students receive a Professional Certificate of Training to use in their future career – a great selling tool for the school for enrolling future students, which sets them apart from schools that do not offer a unique program at their facility. For more information about the Program and registration process, school directors can visit