Juxtaposed... a Collection by Studio C Salon

tr.v. jux·ta·posed, jux·ta·pos·ing, jux·ta·pos·es: To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

Studio C Salon in Irvine, California offers up some serious styling versatility with their new collection dubbed Juxtaposed. This two-for-one approach offers current looks showcasing multiple ways hair can be worn -Ideal for the many moods, occasions and desires of each woman.

The Looks

Nadia: This graduated bob with a long side fringe offers layers all the way through to create movement. The color a golden brown with some highlighted panels of amber underneath to allow delicate dimension.

Tessa: This short, graduated bob offers a symmetric balance and a thoroughly classic edge while the color is a pastel ombre effect from a dark maroon base.

Jordyn: This look started with hand painted caramel highlights through a warm mahogany cherry base. . After a Brazilian Blowout treatment was done, hair extensions were applied and blended in. "The key to frizz-free curls, is a Brazilian Blowout and to not touch the hair once it's dry," notes hairstylist and makeup artist, Nova Bartel.

Julia: Triangular graduation, concave layers and disconnection on the right side give this short asymmetric cut some serious edge. Fire inspired, this color is a deep Mahogany that works into medium tone, which is lightened in the front with coppery red hues around the face.

Shalena: Long and medium layers and a sweeping side fringe add a face-framing quality as well as volume, texture and movement. The color is a rich brown that transitions into a subtle mahogany ombre effect. Copper highlights, including a panel in the front, accent the fringe and break up the dark to light transition through the length.

Stephanie: Blunt cut fringe, square layers in the back and a disconnected piece over the fringe; this look is layered and shattered through the perimeter. The color is a soft blonde highlight with medium lowlight in the fringe and on the sides.

For more information about Studio C Salon, Please visit www.studiocsalon.com.