Local Trichologist's Passion Leads Her to Sharing Education with Others

As a hair stylist, we see many clients that sit in our chair daily that deal with hair loss. Many of them are in advanced stages of hair loss while some are just beginning to thin. Never the less, hair loss is foreign to us, the stylists. From the beginning of hair school, we were taught lots of things – proper roller placement, color application, basic haircut, etc. There was never a lot of focus on Trichology.

Trichology is the scientific study of hair, hair and scalp disorders and hair loss. And for Trichologist Shawon Gullette I.A.T., CNHP that is exactly what happened. After being a stylist for 20 years, she began to notice that many of her clients were experiencing genetic hair loss. Gullette states, "I felt helpless. I did not have the knowledge or tools to help my clients battle this very common ailment." These experiences led Gullette to furthering her knowledge in Trichology. Through all the success that she has had with helping hundreds of women regrow their hair and slow down their hair loss, Gullette has formulated a plan on educating other stylist all across Ohio on the practice of Trichology, how to identify the types of hair loss and how to get into the Trichology field.

Gullette will launch her Educational Tour starting with Columbus, Ohio Monday, January 27, 2014, Cincinnati, Ohio Monday, February 10, 2014, Toledo, Ohio Monday, March 3, 2014 and Cleveland, Ohio Monday, March 24, 2014.

For more information, call the Dayton Trichology Clinic at 937-281-0555 or visit www.shawongullette.com.