Spa Fogo Winter Inspiration

Spa Fogo Winter Collection Spa Fogo Winter Collection

Salon Owner and Makeup Artist Cortnie Fogo of Spa Fogo in Oregon, Ohio chose winter elements of snow, ice, and frost in whites, blues, and silvers for their newest photographic collection.

"Our inspiration is not a who, but a what," explains Fogo. "Nature, she is beautiful and ever changing. Nature is a beauty that everyone can take part in. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what your race/religion/orientation/class is; everyone can enjoy nature's beauty for free. Even when it is cold, nature is beautiful. With icy blues, shiny silver streaks, and the whites of snow; the cool hued colors are stunning. After every frost over, there is a new beginning waiting on the other side."

Credits: Model/MUA - Cortnie Fogo, Hair - Candy Taylor, Photographer - Ken Ellison