Hammer & Nails, Los Angeles' First Exclusively Male Nail Salon Opens Flagship Shop on Melrose Avenue


Hammer & Nails Hammer & Nails Hammer & Nails

There's a big change radiating from Los Angeles, and it's all about putting the MAN in MANicure. LA's first and only male nail salon, Hammer & Nails, is jumpstarting the beauty industry by launching their flagship location on the famous Melrose Avenue.

Hollywood entrepreneur Michael Elliot has given the traditional salon a makeover by rewriting the script of manis and pedis, arguing that men deserve—and desire—nail care just as equally as their female counterparts.

With an eye for identifying untapped market niches, Elliot saw a vastly unmet need for a business to properly care for male hands and feet. The opening of Hammer & Nails offers men an attractive alternative to visiting female-centric nail salons, which can often be awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable. Custom-designed Hand and Foot Treatments are paired with personal flat-screen TVs and headphones, premium sports channels, and complimentary beverages to create the ultimate man cave experience. Decorated with oversized leather chairs, the front-end of a classic Chevy pickup truck and a leather punching bag and gloves from the 1940's, founder Michael Elliot has spared no cost to create a relaxing escape for men in Los Angeles.

"When I first visited a traditional nail salon to treat my callused hands and feet, I felt completely like a fish out of water in a predominantly female environment," says Elliot. "I immediately saw a need for a nail shop that caters to businessmen, athletes, mechanics and men who take proper care of their appearance and hygiene. We've created a first-of-its-kind environment that is welcoming to all men by catering to their specific needs in a super-cool environment."

Hammer & Nails offers custom MANicures and pedicures, as well as their signature "Repair" MANicures and pedicures for those who need a little extra hygienic attention.

"Men have very different grooming needs than women and should be treated accordingly," says Elliot. "We decided to open our flagship store in Los Angeles, with all its diversity, culture, fashion and forward-thinkers. Our goal is to provide a Hammer & Nails experience to men across the nation in the near future."

For more information please visit www.hammerandnails-salon.com.