Leyton House Professional Available in Northern California

Ron Wilson and Associates (RWA) offers salons world class education for new hairdressers learning about Leyton House Professional to in depth and comprehensive techniques for those more experienced and wanting to learn about the most up to date and advanced technology, Silk Renewal Complex from Leyton House Professional. Allowing hairdressers to process color in only 15 minutes with gentle heat or 30 minutes without heat, this unique technology provides simultaneous lift and deposit.

In 1977 Ron Wilson and his wife Mary began in the beauty business selling Jhirmack in the Bay area of California. This would result in a relationship with Jheri Redding and his family that spanned three decades as Nexxus created the "professional salon retail market".

As the industry changed, in 2005, RWA became a multi-line distributor aligning themselves with a variety of privately held, family entities like Leyton House Professional. RWA's focus continues to be on friendly service, superb education, and high quality, non diverted, salon professional products.

To learn more about RWA and Leyton House Professional call 800-446-3987.