Cirepil Ambassador Waxing Class to be Held in Eugene

Cirepil by Perron Rigot Paris is a global leader in the professional field of depilatory waxing. They are a global company that continues to grow. Their vision is to provide professionals with the best solutions to grow their depilatory business and they believe that training is an integral part of professional growth and indespensable to professional success. To this end their master educator has created a team of Perron Rigot Inc., Ambassadors that will be offering training classes through select Perron Rigot distributors.

One of the first of these classes will be presented by Esthetics NW in Eugene, Oregon on Octobers 6 & 7, 2013. Day one will be Discovery Day where by demo and hands on attendees will see the fun in using Cirepil waxes, strip and non-strip for treatments that are never sticky, have less redness, less ingrown hairs and long lasting results. Day two will be for a select smaller group of day one attendees and will focus on the face and brow design featuring the new "Brow System" by Perron Rigot Paris. Brow waxing is the number one depilatory treatment in the salon today. With this system technicians will achieve the perfect line, the ideal shape...simply.

Facial waxing will also be covered in this course featuring VISAGE the first depilatory wax designed exclusively for the face. Esthetics NW is excited to be among the first in the nation to offer a Cirepil Ambassador waxing class. "And we are super excited about the new Visage," says CEO Judith Culp. It is an amazing wax that even removes all that peach fuzz without skin trauma. For complete details please contact Esthetics NW at 541-344-7789 or via email at Training open to Licensed Estheticians only.