Legislative Shave Bill 566 and 362

To The Editor:

I am writing in hopes, that through your newspaper we could inform the cosmetologists of Texas, that a small group of Texas' beauty professionals have introduced legislation in this session of the Texas legislature. This legislation will change the Texas laws restricting shaving for barbers only to allowing cosmetologist to shave for the first time.

The House Bill 566 and the Senate Bill 362, if passed, would give any cosmetologist the right to trim hair on the face, neck and head, as close as possible, by using a safety razor. This will give equal rights, for the cosmetologist, to perform all hair services the barbers can perform, with the only exception being the use of an unguarded straight razor. No longer will the head, face or neck be unlawful for shaving by a cosmetologist.

It has been against the Texas barber laws, for a cosmetologist to use a safety razor. It is not however, against the law for any other profession to use a safety razor, and no added training or licensing has ever been required for anyone. We feel this "Barbers Only Can Shave," current law, really means anyone BUT a cosmetologist can shave. This protectionism for barbers puts hard restrictions with stiff fines on both barber and beauty salons that try to offer complete services to their male clients if performed by a cosmetologists.

This change is necessary due to the very low comparative numbers (1 – 20) of barbers to cosmetologist. And there are more cosmetologists working in barber shops today, than barbers working in barber shops. So restricting the services cosmetologists can perform, unfairly limits the cosmetologists earning potential and job opportunities. All barber and cosmetology salons that service male clients will benefit from this legislative change.

Our Lobbyist is Stephanie Gibson of TLA (Texas Legislative Associates), located in Austin. I would like to invite you to join this effort and make a small donation. All proceeds will be used by TLA to promote this Bill. Make your check out to, Shave- Legislation Fund, and mail Joe Grondin, 500 Heather Street, Round Rock, TX 78664 or call 810-441-5859. You will be sent a receipt for your taxes and a big THANK YOU for your support. Joe Grondin — Round Rock, Texas