Trichotillomania Non-profit, ‘HelpMe2Stop’ Offers Salon Pros New Clientele and Additional Income Potential

Trichotillomania is an uncontrollable disorder that causes people to pull out their hair, resulting in noticeable bald spots.  Sufferers live in constant fear of being exposed.  Self-inflicted hair pulling is an embarrassing problem that can be improved by building self-confidence and ultimately stopped through salon services.  Salons are the front line and HelpMe2Stop focuses on developing partnerships with salons to impact positive life changes in the lives of ‘pullers’.

"There are more than 10 million silent sufferers in the US and not much is being done", says Founder, Charlene Blacer, "I see how salons are helping the cancer community, but for Trichotillomania, many are unaware that this emotionally painful the disorder exists.  It is a very under-served population."  

Having a long history in helping change the lives of hundreds of Trich Sufferers since 2004 as a cosmetic hair restoration and hair, health, growth expert, Blacer saw first-hand that even a simple haircut helped brought back their confidence. 

HelpMe2Stop is seeking grassroots salon ‘investors’ who will invest in the Grant Partnership program. The HelpMe2Stop Grant Program will primarily help young people with Trichotillomania to cover unreimbursed and uninsured costs associated with hair care and treatment.  Investor funds are also used to create national awareness and media attention to help drive donors.  

The donations earned are awarded to grant recipients to receive salon care and treatment from the participating salon investors.  Each grant recipient is awarded up to $500 to apply towards the costs of an entire 12 month cut, style service, or up to $5000 to apply towards the costs of an entire 12 month cosmetic hair restoration service.  

There are no limits to how many grant recipients a salon investor can service throughout the duration of the year.  As an introductory offer the investment fee for each salon professional is $500 per year for beauty professionals and $5000 per year for hair loss specialists.  This is an investment potential to earn your investment back, if not more.  Additional perks such as hair loss training, webinars, exposure, social media mentions, banners, fundraising tool kits, etc. are just some of the added benefits that come with the investment.

This is an excellent opportunity that is rewarding both emotionally and financially for all parties.  The salon will learn how to service not just Trichotillomania clients, but also learn challenging hair loss solutions for Alopecia, Medically Induced Hair Loss and Hair Extensions for Fashion.  This partnership offers exclusive territory and a chance to be ahead of competition in their area.