Hair Restoration Salon Lucinda Ellery Consultancy Opens In Beverly Hills

Lucinda Ellery Lucinda Ellery Consultancy
Lucinda Elllery Consultancy

Headquartered in London, Lucinda Ellery Consultancy has opened doors to their first U.S. hair salon offering hair loss solutions and hair extension services to women who suffer from different types of hair loss conditions, including trichotillomania, alopecia and cancer as well as women looking to simply add volume or length to their hair is safe sustainable way.

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy has helped thousands of patients overcome hair loss challenges through treatments such as their specialty Intralace System and hair extensions. The salon offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere for women undergoing physical and emotional stress and aims to help improve their clientele's overall quality of life.

Specializing in women's hair restoration for over 25 years, Lucinda Ellery Consultancy has helped countless women overcome issues that derive from hair pulling, female pattern hair loss, Alopecia and hereditary hair loss as well as many other types of hair conditions. The salon provides in depth consultations to each person's specific needs, while focusing on creating lifelong relationships with clients by supporting and advising them about their hair loss management options.

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy offers an array of high quality premium extensions ranging from Indian to Euro Grade, Russian Virgin and Naturally Curly hair. Their signature Intralace System is a very intricate process in which a material mesh is gentle integrated strand by strand into the client's natural hair with further natural hair added to the mesh to conceal hair loss.

"The new Lucinda Ellery Consultancy salon in Beverly Hills will promote the importance of confidence and self-esteem in women who are distraught because of their hair condition," said CEO of Lucinda Ellery Consultancy salons. "Providing the most advanced hair loss management services available, we are proud to help make a positive impact on the lives of women who have suffered from chronic hair loss, chemotherapy cancer treatment, thinning hair and other traumatic hair experiences."

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy has helped women from around the world, including a respectable list of celebrity clientele and is now open for business at 9022 Burton Way in Beverly Hills, California. The salon has developed many ground-breaking hair loss solutions and is accredited by the UK National Health Service (NHS) funding for developing the popular hair restoration treatment known as the Intralace System.

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