Local Trichologist Conducts Hair Loss Seminar

Each year over 30 million women experience hair loss. Often, cosmetologists are not trained in depth about Alopecia and other medical related hair loss issues. Shawon Gullette, Ohio Certified Trichologist, will be conducting a free hair loss seminar called "Restore your clients confidence" in Dayton, Ohio on March 18, 2013.

This seminar will enlighten, educate and empower stylists to deal with hair loss issues that are faced with every day. "Many times clients come into my practice each day literally in tears, lost of confidence, depressed and have no clue where to turn," remarks Gullette. "As beauty professional we have many options to assist us in dealing with hair loss issues."

Gullette will teach attendees about the seven causes of hair loss. Why are so many people losing hair? How can we stop it? How can we re-grow? Find out about hair replacement options for clients that need them. Find out how the Infinitee Trichology center has partnered and educated salons across Ohio to combat hair loss and learn how to partner together to help women regain there confidence.

All attendees are welcome to come and bring questions about current issues that they are experiencing with clients. Hear from clients that have experienced hair loss and their journey from being a hair loss victim to regaining their confidence. All attendees must register by going online www.Infiniteetrichologycentre.com or call 937-275-7898.