Ohio Spa Professional Helps those with Cancer

Enthusiastically and without reservation Katie Morgan-Lousky knows in her heart that those attracted to working in the spa industry have a role to play in helping those with cancer. In fact, she was so certain of it, she built her business on this belief.

In 2004 she founded a nonprofit ministry, Cherished Friends of Ahava to serve those with cancer. "I have always been so proud of my industry. We are a great group of people with big hearts and a real desire to serve. Besides that, we are good at it," remarks Morgan-Lousky. "We know how to be professional, respectful, listen and keep confidences. Touch is what we do and we are good at that, too. It is the kind of touch that lets someone know they are not alone."

As an example, recently a young woman who had been undergoing cancer treatment over the last few years visited Ahava. She was depressed and just wanted some time to live the life of a normal twenty-something-year-old. After the day of spa services her mother called. "The mom called us and said thank you. You not only changed our daughter, you changed our family," remembers Morgan-Lousky. "The toll and difficulty of cancer treatment had been relieved, for a short while, for this young woman and those who love her."

Working with clients who are being treated for cancer allows for a heightened appreciation of life. Morgan-Lousky observes, "When we started I thought we were going to do something wonderful for our special guests but it turns out that we get something even more wonderful in return." Her work is often more inspirational than draining.

She goes on, "I am not proposing that we become healers. But healing comes in so many ways. I believe we are a great support to already overwhelmed people, both the person with cancer and the medical community working to fight the cancer and its effects. We could aid and support them."

Katie Morgan-Lousky is the owner of Ahava Spa and Wellness Center in Toledo, OH. She also founded Cherished Friends of Ahava, a spa ministry for cancer patients. Together with Patricia Ringos Beach, a nurse with advanced certification in oncology and palliative care who works as a patient navigator and clinical nurse specialist, they are instructors for Cancer & Skin Changes: How to Help, a one-day workshop open to cosmetologists and estheticians. For more information visit www.ahavaspa.com or call 419-241-5877.