Stylist Combating the Fear of Hair Loss

Daily as a stylist, we have clients that sit in our chairs, that are experiencing hair loss, whether it is just shedding abnormally (Diffused Hair Loss) or they're losing it in clumps (Alopecia Areata). Often times we don't know how to remedy the situation, the cause or how to fix it. So we end up sending our clients to a Dermatologist, one that specializes in skin, but what about a Trichologist, one who specializes in hair and scalp disorders, hair loss, and hair shaft problems.

According to the American Hair Loss Council, more than 30 million women and 50 million men experience hair thinning. How many of those women and men come in your salon every day, sit in your chair, and don't bring up the touchy subject of thinning?

As stylists we have a golden opportunity to embark upon a lucrative and rewarding career within our license to become a trichologist. As a trichologist you will be able to give affective consultations to determine what is causing your clients hair loss, and what treatment exists to help your clients.

Intro to Trichology course will teach you about the types of hair loss, what causes it, how to conduct consultations, body system in relation to hair loss, nutrition and much more. Courses will be taught by the only Certified Trichologist in Ohio and will start August 26, 2012, in Dayton, Ohio. The Infinitee Trichology Centre will also be having an open house Free Hair Loss Night for licensed professionals, August 27, 2012. For more information call (937) 281-0555.