Longtime Indianapolis salon announces new concept and new location

Meridian Design Group to become MDG Salon | Studio

Owners of Meridian Design Group, Joe and Sue Moore, announced that after 27 years in business, the salon will be reinvented in July. The business will change its overall concept as well as its name to MDG Salon | Studio when it moves its downtown location to the McGowan Legacy Building at 355 Indiana Ave.

The concept will be a first for Indianapolis as MDG Salon | Studio will be able to offer its customers a variety of services in two distinct settings. The new space in the McGowan Legacy Building will afford the Moores the ability to customize their location, with efforts led by Indianapolis-based David Yeager Design, to offer salon professionals either a “studio” setting or an open-space environment. The new design will work in concert with their business model of “yourself. yourspace.,” as MDG Salon | Studio’s team of experienced stylists will be able to choose whether they want to serve their clientele in private studios within the salon or among other stylists in the open environment at the center of the space. 

“Our industry is constantly evolving,” said Joe Moore, Co-Founder and President of MDG Salon | Studio. “The two most popular trends in salon culture today are the open-concept which is a large, open space where all facets of the salon are exposed and visible to the entire salon; and the second is a movement towards catering to the independent salon professional who wants to work in a studio environment. Here they have their own space, but it is truly organized as a salon within a salon. Contrary to the norm, however, studio professionals are given all the amenities an open concept provides such as retail, front desk staff and more organized marketing initiatives. We feel that a blended concept will not only attract the most talented, experienced and versatile stylists in Indy, but we’ll also appeal to a broad demographic of clientele. On both levels, staff and clients, we’ll be able to meet all needs and preferences while providing a high-end, luxurious experience.”

MDG Salon | Studio will continue to provide impeccable customer service as each client will be greeted in a reception area before their appointment. The front desk staff will be knowledgeable and helpful directing new and existing clients to a wide variety of amenities and services offered. Stylists and other salon professionals will have the option to select the environment in which they’d like to work, as well as have the opportunity to provide their clients with retail inventory of hair care and beauty products should they work within a studio environment.

“We’re excited to be the new home of MDG Salon | Studio,” said Hugh McGowan Sr., Owner of the McGowan Legacy Building. “Our location will allow MDG Salon | Studio to create a first-class facility the likes of which Indianapolis has not seen before, while providing their staff and clientele the ideal urban setting. The building is nestled in a rapidly developing neighborhood and offers a picturesque view of the downtown cityscape, which will complement the salon’s environment perfectly.”

About MDG Salon | Studio

Meridian Design Group was established in 1985 and is one of the most recognized names in hair care in Indianapolis. The salon caters to a broad spectrum of men and women looking for the most experienced and personable stylists in the city.