Announcing: Ohio Salon Owner Association

Dear Editor:

As a salon owner in the great state of Ohio, I have found little opportunity to network with other Ohio salon owners.  

In recent months, I have had the opportunity to speak with a number of salon owners of ALL types of salons, and I know that I am not alone in my desire to create relationships with my peers, learn more about the industry, and work together to respond to changes that affect us.  It seems as though we have the opportunity to create a very dynamic and diverse group that can explore all of the things we have in common and ways that we can work together to make a difference for our businesses.  

If any readers of the Ohio Stylist are interested in joining us, please go to the LinkedIn website, join if you haven't already (it's free), and search for "Ohio Salon Owner Association." You may submit a request to join. This group will be open to all salon owners, as well as high level management (general managers, district managers, etc.). 

We will be using LinkedIn to communicate with those who join, as well as searching for other ways to reach out to everyone.

Thank you!

Clara Osterhage, Salon Owner