Letter to the Editor: Where Is the Respect?

To the Editor:

In the October edition of Ohio Stylist, the following question was proffered by the Director of the Ohio Cosmetology Board: "Has the managers' license gone the way of the dodo bird?"

This was not an idle question. The Ohio Board of Cosmetology will likely vote at their March 13 meeting on a proposal to eliminate the "Necessity of Managers" in Ohio salons. If passed, salons could "designate" a manager, who might never be required to be on-site, or even in Ohio, as long as they might possibly be reached by "electronic means".

Your hard-earned manager's license will be robbed of its stature and value- forced, against its will, to go "the way of the dodo bird". The bird, however, was not responsible for the health and safety of Ohio salon clients!

I am proud of my Manager's License and the experience and knowledge to which it attests, and am angered that some have so little respect for it that they feel perfectly comfortable letting new grads, fresh out of the basic program work in salons with no on-site supervision.

Ask yourself, who stands to gain from this and how?

And, check out House Bill #453. If passed it creates a new "Hair Braider" license, despite the fact that over 60,000 licensed cosmetologists in Ohio may offer that service, and requires just 150 hours of training!

HB #453 further creates a new "Threader" license (another mini-course), despite the fact that threading is just another method to remove unwanted hair – the finished effect being no different than tweezing or waxing - and threading is a service currently-licensed cosmetologists and estheticians, myself included, can offer.

Please understand, we realize times are tough and the economy needs help. We just don't believe it needs to be by taking food from the table of working cosmetologists who are respectable citizens, taxpayers and voters!

James Rogers, Chairman

Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology

Columbus, Ohio