Lamb Resigns from Advisory Board

Clive Lamb, owner of Clive and Co. Hairdressing, has resigned his board position with the Texas Cosmetology Advisory Board. Clive served as Chairman of the Advisory Board of Cosmetology from 2005 to 2010 before moving to a board position. Under his leadership during his tenure, the cosmetology rules were updated and streamlined, particularly the rules pertaining to sanitation.

Clive has always believed that hairdressers were being held back from the right training because of problems with the Texas Cosmetology rules and regulations and fought hard to make changes. Clive states "after years of working hard for what I believed was the betterment of our industry, the resistance from lobbyists representing segments of our industry with a financial agenda was just too much and it became a waste of my time and energy".

Clive plans to continue his passion to promote the artistic and technical side of hairdressing within his own Dallas based salon.

Clive and Co. is not just another hair salon; it's a philosophy.  A Brand of passion, quality, detail, precision, and impeccable customer service. The stylists and colorists do it their way with a meticulous approach to every detail.  While they each have their own individual touch, they have all been trained to master and execute the same Clive and Co. standard of excellence that has been in place since 1985.

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