Beauty Distributor Says Farewell

Editor's Note: This letter was emailed to me by Connie Lang, owner of Paul Mitchell Ohio and Southeastern Salon Supplies in response to their recent acquisition by Beauty Systems Group/Cosmoprof.

Dear Editor,

It's hard to put into words what a wonderful honor it has been for the past 31 years to be the John Paul Mitchell Distributor for Ohio and West Virginia. What a beautiful life I have lived being able to serve and educate the many thousands of professional salon owners, stylists and future professionals in these two great states.

As a small town, third generation hairstylist, professional haircutter and salon owner for 20 years who patterned my entire career after the philosophies of the late and magnificent Paul Mitchell, it was the thrill and challenge of a lifetime to have the opportunity to do what I did for the past three decades and be a part of such a great happening.

Being a part of JPMS from the beginning, working with Paul and getting to hear his dreams and hopes for this great industry was like being a part of a Devine Plan. Learning business from John Paul and being mentored by him has been a most incredible life experience that still continues. I thank God daily that I was smart enough to open the door when opportunity knocked!

What a great ride! What an honor being a part of this rich experience. I am so happy to have been of service to all of you for so long. I hope you all have good memories of my company and all of the wonderful people who made our overnight service and world class education possible.

I thank my husband Mike for his savvy in technology and in keeping us on the leading edge of it, to the dedicated, talented, hardworking and caring staff that has served you all so well over the years and the amazing and talented educators who have kept Ohio and West Virginia extremely knowledgeable in business and art and the best group of salon service professional in the world for making Ohio and West Virginia the best. We broke all records from having the most Focus Salons, best per capita coverage best education and best service that the professional haircare industry has ever known.

Life has its was my time and I wanted to go out on top. We had a 15% increase for the past three years despite the economy, we were opening on average 50 new accounts a month, we ruined the myth that you can't make it being single line, we broke every record and I am proud! I hope for all of you to do something great fun and amazing, follow your heart, make a difference and have fun doing it!

Love, respect and wishes for great success, Connie Lang

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