Unique Salon Concept Comes to Oregon

Sola Salon Studios
Scott Strecker, Sola Salon Studios Beaverton Store Manager

Sola Salon Studios in Beaverton, Oregon isn't your typical salon. It is a unique salon concept which provides private one and two chair salon studios for the established stylist.

Locally owned by Myrle and Julie McNeal, Sola Salon Studios is a national, growing company with locations throughout the United States. The Beaverton store manager, Scott Strecker, brings a wonderful laid back management style to the store and he is great in helping the stylist with any maintenance issues they might encounter.

The Sola concept is all about the stylists, viewing them as the customer. Each Studio comes with everything a stylist needs to work including cabinetry, shelving, a sink with instant hot water and a chair in a private room with locking doors.

"The response to our store and to the Sola concept has been terrific," notes owner, Julie McNeal. "We are looking at a second location and hope to open up there soon."

In short Sola Salon Studios offers employee-free salon ownership without the start-up costs and risks. For more information call 503-608-7652.

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