Beau Monde Students Go to Italy

By Christian Cook

Beau Monde in ItalyBeau Monde College of Hair Design owners Robert and Dianna Peterson have always embraced other cultures. They have embraced Asian culture in the form of being life-long martial arts participants and European culture through fashion and beauty. Thus, it was a given that they would jump at the chance to take part in study abroad.

Pivot Point offered Beau Monde the opportunity to accompany them on their study abroad trips and Robert and Dianna quickly accepted. First, they went on a trial trip themselves to Japan. The trip went so well that they decided to offer it to Beau Monde students for the next trip.

In March, Beau Monde took 10 students to Italy in their first study abroad trip. Participants had the opportunity to visit sites like the Coliseum and the Vatican and were also able to visit the Cosmoprof hair show and attend classes at a local Pivot Point school. The trip was a resounding success and these opportunities have become permanent at Beau Monde.

With study abroad opportunities for their students, Beau Monde decided it was time to reach out to others. After making the connection in Japan, Beau Monde College of Hair Design is giving Japanese students the opportunity to visit Portland. In July they will have six students from Japan visiting Beau Monde to study cosmetology.

"We have really embraced studying abroad at Beau Monde," notes Dianna Peterson. "We know that students need to get out of their bubble and see what is going on outside of Portland. The cosmetology industry is so multi-cultural, so we know it is of great benefit for students to see other cultures in person."

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