Phagan's Student Portfolios: This is Our Destiny


Phagan's Student Portfolios

Hair and Makeup by: Tara Klier, Alicia Highland, Jessica Wright, Toree Falconer, Elizabeth Vasiliu, Alissa Dees, Michelle Smith, Traci Britt and Heidi Staehnke.
Photography by: Amber Hempen, Alissa Dess, Nikki Haggerty, Casey Hill and Faye Beesler.

By Tara Klier

The perils, the perserverance, the tribulations and the triumphs, these are the moments the future graduates of Phagan's School of Hair Design have experienced on their journeys.

Honestly, the reality TV show phenomenon has missed the mark by not producing a show following the day to day hilarity and desperation of the average beauty school student's ventures.

We have witnessed hair being butchered and melted off. Eyebrows disappearing during waxing and skin patches have gone missing during over-zealous microdermabrasion. There was a near smothering under wet towels in facial class and a male student who cut the stray hairs that didn't make it into an updo during prom season.

The invaluable lessons learned have molded us into talented, up and coming beauty professionals. Our skills were honored when we were selected to provide the hair design and makeup artistry at the Portland Women's Fair, Bridal and Couture Fashion Shows in 2010.

Now as the light at the end of the tunnel begins to be within our sight, we prepare ourselves for life outside of beauty school. As a senior project we have begun to assemble our senior portfolios.

We recruited willing and adventurous models and photographers so we could collaborate our visions and capture the essence of our craft.

As we look ahead and reflect on all of the hard work and dedication involved, we fully realize why we chose the beauty industry as a career.

This is our passion. This is our destiny.

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