Making Hair Dreams Come True

Christal MercierChristal Mercier, the owner and founder of Hair by Christal, has been making hair dreams come true for over 30 years. A native Houstonian from Third Ward, Christal was an entrepreneur at the age of 12 when she made her first dollar from styling hair. Today she continues to make hair dreams come true.

Mercier has specialized in weaving, braiding and damaged hair for 25 years. She was inspired to receive specialized training in hair replacements after one of her sisters began losing hair due to negligence, then later chemotherapy. She has been doing hair replacement systems for 19 years.

Mercier was inspired to share her gift with other people, after seeing how people were affected by their loss of hair. She wanted to give back through charity work, so she started a non-profit organization to help with those clients that may not be able to afford the hair replacement system.

Hair Dreams by Christal, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Comprised of stylists who are eager to help the surrounding communities, the non-profit focuses primarily on women and children, who suffer from hair loss due to illness, traumatic experiences, or un-natural hair loss beyond their control.

Hair Dreams by Christal aims to create opportunities for people to feel good about themselves. Every year, the Board of Directors selects individuals to receive the gift of a natural, non-surgical, "hair replacement system". This replacement involves restoring hair to balding or thinning areas of the scalp where hair is not growing.

The women of Hair Dreams by Christal recognize the importance of self-esteem in a person's everyday life. Those individuals who suffer from extreme hair loss or baldness are all too familiar with pitfalls of low self-esteem. "We believe that by enhancing the outward appearance with a non-surgical 'hair replacement system', we can begin to build up their self-confidence and self-esteem and return them to the path of their dreams," remarks Mercier. "By helping these individuals, we are investing in their long-term future health and welfare."

For more information on Hair Dreams by Christal or to donate please call (281) 830-3497 or visit

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