FHI HEAT Returns to an Aggressive Growth Mode

Company hosts special event to announce exciting new products, education, distribution and VisionMakers Campaign for 2011 and beyond.

FHI Heat is back in an aggressive mode and stronger than ever. The company recently hosted a special event in its hometown of Cleveland to debut a new line of premium appliances that will include high-end shears, a visionary new marketing and advertising campaign and a strong, dynamic education program featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. The company also announced a new national distribution partnership with SalonCentric. 

“It’s an exciting time for FHI Heat,” says David Kim, chairman, founder and CEO. “We’re ready to make some big noise after a quiet spell. FHI Heat has new distribution, a new line of tools, a new ad campaign and a new education platform—all focused on the heroes of our industry, the professional stylists. Wherever stylists reveal their creativity—whether it’s in the salon or behind the scenes of a fashion or entertainment event—FHI Heat will be empowering them to do their best work with premium blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and other styling tools, and soon, shears.”

This company is taking the approach of a designer fashion house, offering lines at every price point to meet every need of stylists and their clients.

For example, FHI Heat has improved and relaunched its Runway Iron as its “couture” product in a new premium package that includes FHI Heat Hot Sauce, T-Rex Hair Clips, FHI Heat oval brush, carbon combs, thermal mat and carrying case. At a $495 suggested retail price point, it’s the iron of choice for many session stylists who love the fast heat up and deep conditioning heat generated by six layers of hand-made pure ceramic plates that are treated with tourmaline to produce 20% more moisture-locking negative ions than competing irons and FHI Heat’s proprietary Nano Fuzeion technology, which produces unmatched conditioning and shine.

On the “Ready-to-Wear” side, the company offers its GO Hairstyling Iron by FHI Heat. These ceramic tourmaline styling irons in fun colors have a value-conscious $84.95 suggested retail price. GO Hairstyling is supported with limited edition designs in vibrant colors, compelling value adds, such as a free tote bag or travel iron, and very progressive marketing and public relations that speak directly to consumers. Since the July launch, the GO Hairstyling Irons are already available in more than 6,000 salons. FHI Heat will be adding new tools, including a blow dryer and a curling rod, to the line this year.

In between, FHI Heat offers the high-performance EPS (Elite Professional Series) styling iron and dryers, which are engineered for the busy stylist with upgraded motors and heaters to stand up to the rigors of the salon environment. It’s Runway performance at half the cost.

Joining EPS is the new revolutionary KORE line, which is divided into three categories—world-class appliances, world-class shears and world-class education. KORE is for the most demanding stylists. KORE flat irons and spring curling irons in multiple sizes will debut at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. The KORE blow dryer, marcel curling irons and a full line of high-end Japanese-steel shears and FHI Heat’s new education program will launch at Premiere Orlando in June.

“We are entering the shear market in a very strategic way,” says Bryan Batstone, executive vice president and general manager. “Stylists are often confused by the diverse choices and styles of shears. With our new KORE shears, it is our policy to make sure that every stylist understands the benefits and uses of each style and size. Using only the finest Japanese steel, our shears are prepared with the most intricate detail possible. Hand crafted and personalized by a unique identity code, each shear will represent a world-class tool in every aspect. Add to that a series of excellent cutting courses and education, and FHI Heat will show stylists that we have considered their every need and desire. Watch out for us!”

Finally, FHI Heat’s Platform line, including the 1900 and 2000 dryers, remains a solid stylist staple and consumer favorite.


FHI Heat also announced nationwide distribution through SalonCentric. “We have already achieved great success in our partnerships with SalonCentric Midwest-Central and SalonCentric Midwest-West, so rolling out through the entire network was a natural next step,” says David Genes, vice president of sales. “We also recently aligned with several key distribution partners across Canada, including West Coast Beauty Supply in British Columbia, Star Bedard in Quebec, Venus in Toronto, IBS in Alberta and Salon Centre in Saskatchewan. At the end of 2010, we opened Mexico and will be opening Brazil and Argentina this year.”

“Our first ‘FHI was here’ campaign was themed around the hottest looks in Hollywood, Music and Fashion,” says Joseph Kim, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Our new campaign shifts the spotlight to the sensational stylists who create these trend setting looks. With the tagline ‘Tools for Seriously Sensational,’ these highly stylized ads profile accomplished stylists, whom we call our ‘VisionMakers,’ in a very aspirational and heroic manner.

“We shot the ads with renowned British fashion photographer Rankin, and they look amazing! This campaign recognizes our VisionMakers for their incredible artistry, and FHI Heat as providing the tools to reveal their creativity. Through our online vehicles, we follow our VisionMakers behind the scenes to take our audience on a unique journey into the lives of these VisionMakers. Our partnership with our VisionMakers extends beyond marketing and PR, as we draw upon their passion and talents to broaden our educational offerings and assist us in product development. Our ad campaign will break online just prior to America’s Beauty Show and in the April issues of leading trade magazines.”

With the feel of iconic movie posters, these ads portray our VisionMakers—Global Creative Director Phillip Wilson, renowned session stylist Neeko, Rihanna’s imagemaker Ursula Stephen and Keratin Straightening Queen Liz Devin—as superheroes—literally, with each one showcasing a stylist as the hero of the scene, and an FHI Heat tool as their weapon of choice.
• Phillip Wilson holding the new KORE flat iron, with the caption reading “Stylist Phillip Wilson, with his weapon of Choice”
• Neeko armed with an EPS dryer, with the caption: “Stylist Neeko, packing heat”
• Ursula Stephen with the FHI Heat NanoSalonPro 2000 dryer, with the caption “Stylist Ursula Stephen, bearing high caliber heat”
• Liz Devin conjuring up images of Jane Fonda in Barberella, armed with the FHI Heat EPS styling iron, with the caption “Stylist Liz Devin, armed and ready to coiffe” 

Adds Joseph Kim, “Starting this spring, you’ll see images from our campaign in all facets of FHI Heat branding, including print ads, trade booth, marketing and sales collateral, educational materials, website, and social media. It will be a fully integrated effort that reaches every stylist touch point. But our goal was not just to create an aspirational campaign profiling a few great stylists. This campaign is about providing inspiration to all stylists. To do this, we will go beyond the print ads, and create a special on-line feature that we call, ‘the scene behind the scenes.’ We want to show not only how these artists create their masterpieces, but where they turn to for their inspiration, their passion and their creativity.

“VisionMakers will be a dynamic program that provides FHI Heat with a unique platform to propel all aspects of its business to new heights,” he concludes. “We are extremely excited as we add the next chapter to our story in 2011.” 

As part of the VisionMakers campaign, FHI Heat will participate in high-profile events, arming the stylists behind the scenes with the tools they need to achieve amazing results. Last month, many top session stylists at New York Fashion Week used FHI Heat tools, and Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel used FHI Heat’s tools to create all of the looks for Anne Hathaway, co-host of the 2011 Academy Awards. This month, FHI Heat will be the official styling tool sponsor at Aspen Fashion Week, where the company’s artists (Matthew Morris, Neeko and their teams) will be styling hair for 15 runway shows.

In addition, FHI Heat’s new trade show booth will debut this month at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. The booth personifies the upscale, premium image of our brand and incorporates a complete shear section.

“Empowering stylists to create beautiful hair lies at the core of everything we do. That’s why we developed a three-tiered curriculum—VisionMakers, FreeForm and Team Heat—under our MORE initiative,” says Heather Neuman, field education manager.

VisionMakers invites stylists to grab a backstage pass to learn from and jam with the stylists who’ve created the hottest looks on the red carpets, runways and movie sets. FHI Heat is also proud to announce its partnership with RUSH London, an award-winning team from the United Kingdom. They will provide classroom education and appear with FHI Heat at tradeshows and distributor shows.

Created by FHI Heat’s Global Creative Director Phillip Wilson, FreeForm Cutting and Styling turns the industry upside down with a fresh approach to haircutting that marries the organic style of cutting practiced by the European Grand Master stylists and the more geometric, linear style of cutting developed by Sassoon. It decreases the overall time stylists spend cutting, so they have more time to finish, style and educate their clients about using FHI Heat's tools to style their hair at home. Phillip has been our global creative director for several year and carried our education program, so we are now delighted to surround him with many established artists and educators and a much grander vision.

Team Heat offers experienced educators and successful stylists who know what it takes to be a star—and they can’t wait to share their knowledge. With programs like “Tresses and Dresses,” “Don’t Run and Hide: Texture Cutting,” “Boot Camp: Cut to Finish” and “Protégé: For Students Only,” the program is designed to take the stylist from student to star.



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