NSSG Holds Annual Conference

The National Shear Sharpeners Guild (NSSG) held its annual conference on November 6-9, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.

Drawing participants from all over the United States and as far away as Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Spain and New Zealand, the intense four-day event was designed to train attendees how to restore worn and damaged shears to their original brilliance.

The curriculum included all levels from beginner sharpening to advanced hand and machine honing, setting and edging.  There was also an industry “show and tell” roundtable session, a competition with $3500 in prizes and a vendor exhibit.

A select group of industry professionals taught these specialized techniques specifically for today’s high tech cutting tools. Participants are required to pass a rigorous series of tests in order to reach the long-term goal of becoming board certified, eventually earning the coveted title of Master Sharpener. As a result, haircutting professionals throughout the country benefit with a reliable source of qualified sharpening experts.

Nick Cutter, President of the NSSG, stated, “The National Shear Sharpening Guild not only establishes the highest standards of hair shear sharpening excellence, but also offers premium education to sharpeners by the top Master Sharpeners in the industry. Through this industry event and on-going training, we are proud to provide stylists with a reliable source of qualified professional sharpeners.”

Cutter is a Grand Master Sharpener and has been involved with the NSSG since 1994 as a certified judge and authorized hands-on trainer. He is the owner of Edgemaster USA, a Southern California based shear sharpening company. For more information on Edgemaster USA, please visit: www.edgemasterusa.com.

About the NSSG

The NSSG is the longest-standing association in the United States for educating and board certifying sharpeners of professional haircutting scissors. It sets the standard and qualifies sharpeners to be knowledgeable and skilled in their profession. For more information on the National Shear Sharpeners Guild (NSSG) or to find a board certified sharpener near you, please visit: www.nssg.biz.

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