Local Distributor Fights to Build

Keratin Treatment Safety Standards

Attitude For Hair, a Cincinnati based distributor of Keratin Smoothing Treatment Systems knows firsthand about all the media attention the keratin smoothing service has received this year. After two years of working side by side with his chemist, John Gay, Founder and CEO, knew this day was coming. He recently retired after 35 years from behind the chair but not before introducing keratin smoothing treatments to his stylists and clients.

Gay is reaching out to NIOSH (National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to create safe standards, not just recommendation levels. The industry standards he hopes to create will include requiring changes in the salons to include proper ventilation, industry professional awareness and safety and consumer awareness. "The straightening service is a choice and definitely doesn't deserve to be the black sheep in the beauty industry," Gay notes. "I strongly feel that if I educate professionals and consumers they can then make an informed decision."

Gay believes this service isn't going anywhere, any time soon as client's book on the regular schedule of 12-16 weeks. In fact in his experience he states that after the full disclosure consultation with each client nine out of ten chose to receive the treatment. On the downside, with the standards written today, manufacturers are not required to list ingredients when they label "Professional Use Only" on the product and anyone can purchase formaldehyde online.

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