Novita Clinicals Establishes Spa Affiliate Program

Novita Spa Products, now Novita Clinicals, has been busy during the last 5 years. “The name is changed and the logo is redesigned to more reflect the results the products always provide, and the new technologies even further enhance the results,” says Megan DiMartino, esthetician, owner and product developer. “Also, new products support the results-oriented goals,” she adds.

But even more has happened. In 2005, Novita Clinicals moved from Fort Worth to Georgetown, a beautiful historic town near Austin, Texas, and in 2007, Novita Spa on the Square, a beautiful 3500 sq ft spa became a flagship for the new Spa Affiliate Program.

This program supports participating spas toward success by the “Clinical Excellence with a Special Pampering Attitude” concept designed by Novita Clinicals. “New and current spas receive the support they need in achieving their goals through this program,” says DiMartino.

For more information, call Novita Clinicals, 888-738-0701, or

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