Spokane Valley Salon Expands and Adds Breast Prosthetic and Mastectomy Bra Fittings

Monique Smith of Monique's Salon recently received her Fitting Certification for Breast Prosthetics

Just over a year ago, Monique Smith, and husband, Dave, purchased an eye-sore of a building on the corner of Sprague and Evergreen in the Spokane Valley.  This former dental office housed over 6000 square feet of awkward walls, dated carpeting, and leaking faucets; but Monique saw a diamond in the rough.  Her vision was a French-inspired elegant salon and spa that would make her hair loss clients feel comforted and at home, as well as serve residents of the northwest with a new and welcoming retreat of beauty and relaxation.
Last month, Monique Smith, underwent the criteria to become a Prosthetic Breast Fitter.  With the education from Surgical Appliance, Monique's Salon is now able to not only assist clientele with hair loss issue due to chemotherapy, but will be able to help women who will/are undergoing mastectomies or double mastectomies in a private, confidential and comfortable environment.

Currently there are no Prosthetic Breast Fitters in the Spokane Valley area, with this additional service at Monique's Salon it will be a valuable source and need for the community. 

Monique's Salon can provide all shapes, sizes and materials for breast prosthetics, mastectomy bras and compression garments for all clientele.

For more information, please call Monique Smith at 509-321-3669 or email at monique@moniquessalon.com.

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