Sister Style

By Elizabeth C. Martinez

Bliss Male The Salon

Two sisters from South Texas, Claudeth, 24, and Mariana Aguayo, 22, were always offering their guy friends hairstyle tips and advice such as, “Women do like it when a man’s hands look good. Or, yes, get your eyebrows waxed.”

Therefore, with this advice to offer and a lot of passion for the industry, Claudeth and Mariana decided to combine their cosmetology and business experience and open a salon focused on men -- Bliss Male The Salon located in McAllen, Texas.

Since they were teens, the sisters gained hands-on knowledge of running a business directly from their father’s construction company.

“We would help our father out with payroll, fill out contracts and answer phones,” Claudeth says. “So, from a very young age, we learned what it took to run a business, the pros and the cons, what to expect from customers, how to take care of our customers, and how to make sure they have a pleasant enough experience to refer you to their friends.”

Claudeth and Mariana run a very client-focused salon. As soon as a client walks in the door, they are greeted by one of the sisters, escorted to the comfortable seating area and offered a beverage. Men’s magazines and comic books lay on a coffee table made from recycled tires and trashcans, and playing on the 42-inch plasma is either sports, the news, or sometimes even cartoons when daddy-customers bring in their tots.

“Everything we put into this business was added with our customers’ needs in mind,” Mariana says. “Our customers enjoy coming in here not only for salon services, but they come in during their downtime for conversation and comfort. From the individual plasma TVs at each station, to a fridge with an array of wine and beer selections, to free Wi-Fi -- we aim to give our clients what they want.”

Claudeth says she considers customer service to be the most important aspect of the business. “Coming from a banking background, I understand how important the numbers are, but I have learned that to get the numbers you want, it is all about customer service,” she explained.

Bliss Male The Salon offers hair services, manicures, massages, facials and waxing.

“The favorite men’s treatment is the ‘Manly-cure,’ our take on a manicure,” says Claudeth. “Each week we have a steady amount of men coming in to prime and prep their hands.”

As Claudeth and Mariana are living their blissful dream, the sisters are already setting new goals for themselves.

“We see ourselves growing and expanding,” Claudeth says. “We are ready to meet new customers and introduce them to the Bliss Male The Salon experience.”

Bliss Male The Salon is located in McAllen, Texas. For more information call (956) 213-8382 or email

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