The Teals Take on Seattle

On February 20-22, DeAnnalyn and Ryan Teal and world-renowned photographer BABAK hosted a three day seminar outside of Seattle. The purpose of the workshop was to inspire hairdressers and photographers to get outside of their comfort zone and explore photo work.

On Saturday, hairdressers and photographers were entertained with a demonstration of a live photoshoot with three models, while Ryan Teal and BABAK lectured on lighting and the business of photography. Participants were allowed to ask questions and get involved as much as they wanted.

On Sunday, DeAnnalyn Teal  and BABAK took half the group to shoot live in the studio, while Ryan Teal took the other half of the group and lectured in the morning about creativity, planning, scheduling, and budgeting a photoshoot. After lunch Ryan led them through a Wig creation class where every participant made up to four different wigs and hairpieces and were allowed to see how some of The Teals wigs were made.

"I wanted to give the students an in depth look at what we do at a photo shoot, and hold nothing back," Says Ryan.

The Teals and BABAK are planning on hosting two more events this year. The first June 19-21 in Toronto, Canada, and the second August 28-30 in Dallas, Texas. For more information call 503-358-9032.

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