Pivot Point Comes to Beau Monde College of Hair Design

During the three-day training held recently to influence Beau Monde College of Hair Designs competition team, Manuel Rodriquez accompanied by Joyce Spellman from Pivot Point came to demonstrate.

Bringing beautiful mannequins with their traveling attire Rodriguez showed just what he is known for. The students observed as he combed, and styled and added make-up to his entourage.

He showed amazing kindness to the different levels of students and future students while he worked without stopping. The professionalism displayed was as inspiring as the fabulous styles he reviewed with the students.

It is no surprise that this industry professional was recognized with the prestigious L.E.O. award from Pivot Point which stands for Leadership, Educational Excellence and Outstanding Service. Rodriguez is also the trainer for the USA team for the Hair Olympics this year.

The Beau Monde Design Team, staff, students and future students all enjoyed hands-on direction from this fabulous artist and look forward to future visits as each future design team prepares for competitions at Beau Monde College of Hair Design.

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